Permit Services (Seismic Permitting)


Gateway Permit Services (Subsidiary of Gateway Land Services) has been providing professional seismic permit acquisition services to the oil & gas industry since 1985. We employ the most committed individuals in the industry.  Our Seismic Permit Agents are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of mineral and surface permitting, from smaller 2-D programs to larger, complex 3-D programs.

Gateway is dedicated to providing our clients with cost-effective permit solutions.  Gateway is a member of ISNetworld®, and complies with all required guidelines to provide our clients with accurate data while maintaining safety regulations.  Although the fundamentals may be the same, every permitting job is unique. Therefore, different approaches must be taken and strategies developed based upon the particular circumstances. A program with very few land owners and little culture will not require the same manpower and technical support that is necessary on a program involving numerous land owners and governmental agencies combined with complicated culture. Gateway formulates and implements strategies that address the specific needs of your program. This will ensure that the number of agents provided and the equipment utilized is right for the job.

The necessary constant on every program is having a knowledgeable permit crew working together as a team, to provide the field crews and client with accurate, dependable information in a timely manner.  It is crucial that a good working relationship be established between the permit agents, the community and landowners, not only so the field crew may operate without unnecessary restraints or delays, but also to ease the way for future client activities.  With qualified personnel and leading edge technology, Gateway ensures the complete success of our client’s program.

Permit agents at Gateway work hard on negotiating with landowners and tenants, mineral owners and lessees; to not only ensure that the program gets done in a timely and organized manner, but also a cost-effective manner.