Title-Research-courthouse-HDR5.jpgTitle curative issues can arise during the mineral leasing process, or are often discovered by an attorney rendering a title opinion. 

Gateway is well-versed and experienced in obtaining the documents to cure title defects.  If there is a need to clarify ownership upon death, divorce, or there is ambiguous language in conveyance documents, we are committed to securing the necessary affidavits or other supporting documentation.  Following the statutes of each state, we will determine the heirs of deceased mineral owners, where there is no properly-filed Probate, and supply affidavits to support the same.  And, we are relentless in locating hard-to-find mineral owners and/or their heirs.  Whether before leasing or in responding to title opinion curative requirements, you can be secure in knowing Gateway has taken the necessary steps to ensure strong, reliable title.